Tess Walton

  • Tess Walton
    Founder, Strategic Workforce Planner

    Talent Risk Management

About Tess Walton

Tess Walton is a strategic workforce planning practitioner and practising futurist who works with organisations to prepare their workforce for the future. With more than 18 years’ experience in the area, Tess has been engaged by many leading organisations to develop their workforce plan, including ANZ, KPMG, Deakin University, Toyota, Starbucks and many more.

Tess’ strategic workforce planning methodology has won her an AHRI Leadership Award, and is the premise behind the Human Capital Institute Strategic Workforce Planning Certification program – the only certification in this space.


About the session 

How can you implement a business strategy without a workforce strategy? A case study on how the Cerebral Palsy Alliance brought its ‘people’ strategic objective to life.

How can you possibly create a strategic plan for your organisation when the nature of work is changing so fast that it’s impossible to accurately predict the future?

Join Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s intrepid adventurer Jay Richardson as she shares her experiences of developing a viable workforce plan to instil leadership confidence that strategic objectives would be met. Sharing the stage is Tess Walton, her adventure guide, who assisted Jay navigate the strategic workforce planning path with practical and pragmatic tools and tips for success.


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