Yvonne Brunetto

  • Yvonne Brunetto
    Professor of Management and HR

    Southern Cross University

About Yvonne

Professor Yvonne Brunetto is a Professor of Management and HRM at Southern Cross University.

She has a distinguished and contemporary record of international scholarly achievements based on translating evidence-based research into best practice for nurses and personal carers who manage “emotional labour”.

She has examined the impact of individual and organisational support on different types of employees’ (such as nurses, police officers, soldiers and personal carers) across public, private and NFP settings in Australia, England, Scotland, USA, Italy, Malta and Brazil).

Her recent work has involved translating the evidence-based research on Psychological Capital into meaningful capacity-building training focused on ‘Emotional Resilience’ for NFP employees.


About the session 

How NFP managers can make their teams emotionally resilient to control emotions and manage stress

“Emotional resilience” training can help staff or volunteers understand their emotions and how to use them as a positive force in delivering happiness and improved safety outcomes. It shows how a person’s everyday behaviour impacts on their emotions and gives them the knowledge and skills to control their emotions and those of others, and reduce their stress levels.

This presentation is for managers who manage employees with a challenging client base. The session explains the evidence informing ‘Emotional Resilience’ training and the emerging positive findings for employee outcomes and organisational effectiveness using data from over 200 NFP employees.

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