8 essential elements of your NFP’s recruitment process

What does your NFP’s usual recruitment process look like? Is it a haphazard, unruly beast, or a well-oiled machine? If your organisation either doesn’t recruit regularly, or if your HR person or team doesn’t give you much help, then you probably need to take a good, hard look at the process you use for recruiting new staff – from start to finish. Here’s how to put together a winning recruitment process for your organisation.

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The case for a more challenging job interview process at your NFP

Would it surprise you to learn that making your job interview process more challenging for candidates could improve your staff’s long-term satisfaction? Just a ten percent increase in job interview difficulty could boost your workforce’s collective job satisfaction by up to 3.6 percent – is it time your organisation took a different tack in its interviewing strategy?

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What is your website really saying to potential employees?

Have you considered that almost every potential employee who considers applying for a job with your organisation will read through your website, and use it to decide whether to apply for the job or not? When surveyed our community of ethical job-seekers in 2014, they told us that checking out a potential employer’s website was by far the most popular way to assess them.

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The 3 best predictors of staff performance

In recruitment, the easiest thing to do is the same thing you’ve always done. But it’s always worth double-checking your selection process to consider what you could be doing better.

In this post, we look at extensive research which provides some excellent, and at times surprising, insights into what the most effective selection tools and recruitment processes are.

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