Five (more) interview tips to find that perfect staff member

Do you find interviewing overly stressful? Maybe you’re doing it wrong! Last year we explored some of the most important tips for getting your interview right, including a well-prepared panel of interviewers, an emphasis on listening, and lots of note taking. With interviews being a crucial tool for recruitment, you can always find ways to […]

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Board members: Five essential elements for onboarding a new leader for your organisation

As a member of a not-for-profit organisation’s board, your most important responsibility is to make sure your CEO has the support and tools they need to make sure your NFP thrives.

Despite this, a recent survey of over 200 not-for-profit CEOs in the US found that 46 per cent reported they received little to no help from their boards or committees when they began their jobs.

That’s almost half of all surveyed NFP CEOs saying that they didn’t get a proper onboarding when they started their jobs!

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Given the Chance, how many more lives can your organisation change?

You probably know that diversity is good. Good for your organisation (diverse workforces perform better), good for your team (more diverse workforces lead to higher client satisfaction), and good for your staff (staff in diverse workforces are more committed and less absent). But despite all of this goodness, many organisations can be daunted by the idea of increasing […]

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Job ads are your most important tool to reach potential candidates. Here’s the first thing you need to do to make them amazing.

As a not-for-profit organisation, your staff and volunteers are what makes your organisation succeed or fail. So it follows that hiring dedicated people who are passionate about your vision and purpose is incredibly important!

That’s why when you’re putting together a job ad, the most important part of the ad isn’t the specific tasks of the role or even what your organisation does, but a short explanation of your organisation’s purpose – why you do what you do. So how do you find your Why?

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A challenge to NFP organisations: consider employing someone with a disability

Of the 2.1 million working-age Australians with a disability, the majority are unemployed, despite many of them having a desire and the ability to work.  This represents an incredible opportunity for NFPs to widen their recruitment pool and not only meet their workforce needs but also improve their organisation’s performance.   In this guest post, Tom […]

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How Save the Children saved 1,400 hours and $54,000 switching to automated HR processes

– Sponsored Content – This is a guest post by Michael Lloyd of SilkRoad. Since its foundation almost 100 years ago, Save the Children Australia has raised millions of dollars through its network of offices in Asia Pacific. The organisation employs more than 800 staff, including a handful of representatives globally and throughout the region. […]

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