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One more simple, free thing you can do to boost staff engagement and make your team healthier, happier and more productive: eat together

Almost half of all Australians work through their lunch break. And more than a quarter of us – 3.8 million Australians – don’t take a lunch break at all, according to the Australia Institute. But while it might outwardly appear that your lunch-break-skipping staff are admirably committed to their work – and that’s good for your team and your organisation – the real impact is more insidious.

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Time to take a sick day: working when ill is bad for you – and your organisation

Feeling ill? Well, staying at home would seem to be the sensible course of action. Yet for many, going to work while sick has become the norm, even a necessity in the face of the pressures placed on us by the organisations which employ us. In many cases, illness is no longer seen as a valid reason for not working; rather, it is considered to be something that people must put up with and get over. Sick days are for wimps. Yet, working while ill – or “presenteeism” – adds to the costs of organisations.

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The path to happiness at work, with Dr Timothy Sharp

Dr. Timothy Sharp is the founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of The Happiness Institute – Australia’s first and now largest organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness for individuals, families and organisations. In the lead-up to his presentation at the 2015 Not-For-Profit People Conference, Dr. Sharp spoke with us about what happiness at work looks like, why it’s important and how you can help staff to find it.

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Walking the talk: How walking meetings can make your staff fitter, happier and more productive

The Young and Well CRC is an international research centre, based in Melbourne, that focuses on the role technologies can play in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Young and Well CRC is also a leader in workplace health and wellbeing.

In 2014, they publicly released their innovative and comprehensive wellbeing policy, with the aim of supporting other organisations to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace.

In this guest post, Rose O’Sullivan, Young and Well’s HR Advisor and Operations Support, shares why they love one particular initiative from their wellbeing policy – the walking meeting – and why you should bring walking meetings into your organisation too.

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