Why you should hire people with emotional intelligence – and five tips on how to do it

Research shows that people who understand and manage their own and others’ emotions make better leaders. While that may sound obvious, in fact many managers lack such basic self-awareness and social skills.

Want to build a team – or a whole organisation – of staff who possess those fundamental qualities? Here are five tips to help you hire for emotional intelligence.

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8 essential elements of your NFP’s recruitment process

What does your NFP’s usual recruitment process look like? Is it a haphazard, unruly beast, or a well-oiled machine? If your organisation either doesn’t recruit regularly, or if your HR person or team doesn’t give you much help, then you probably need to take a good, hard look at the process you use for recruiting new staff – from start to finish. Here’s how to put together a winning recruitment process for your organisation.

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The case for a more challenging job interview process at your NFP

Would it surprise you to learn that making your job interview process more challenging for candidates could improve your staff’s long-term satisfaction? Just a ten percent increase in job interview difficulty could boost your workforce’s collective job satisfaction by up to 3.6 percent – is it time your organisation took a different tack in its interviewing strategy?

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Our Top 10 posts of 2015

We’ve worked to bring you the best and most innovative ideas, case studies, opinions and resources on how to recruit, train and retain the very best people for the not-for-profit sector – and we hope you’ll be able to take away some great advice to apply to your organisation. Here are our ten most popular blog posts from 2015!

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What do you tell unsuccessful job applicants? Five ways to improve your game

What do you tell unsuccessful job applicants? If you’re like most organisations, the answer is probably: nothing. You might not even be emailing them to let them know they’re unsuccessful. According to a recent Robert Walters survey of more than 600 Australian jobseekers, 80 percent of unsuccessful job applicants don’t receive post-interview feedback from employers…even though 98 percent say it’s something they’d find valuable.

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